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Someone’s happy.

How can I not be? Everyone’s talking again bro!

Who, exactly, are you?


Um, excuse you? This is Ryan Hunt. Head Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen and part time model.

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|##|To The Beach|##|






William hated everything. School sucked, work sucked, people sucked, and life sucked. He wanted to be back home, however awkward it would’ve been if he had told his parents about his predicament. They were hippies, they were flower children- even after being together for so long, they still hadn’t married, they still hadn’t settled- and that annoyed William and made him angry.

He liked structure. He liked when things were the same. Math and music, music and math- those were the two things that would never fail him. Ever.

Jason left and with him he took all the light out of William’s life. He didn’t exactly know how to deal with things after his death. That was his best friend, and a boy he had just realised he’d been in love with.

He rounded the corner, hands shaking as he drove the rickety van. It had been a while since he really drove it- and it made him nervous but. He was fine. He was- or at least he kept repeating that to himself over and over as the car slowed to a stop before a trio of kids he assumed he was picking up- oh there was Ryan. And- Annalie, looking so much different with clothes on- and someone who he could only assume was Maria. 

Ryan looked over at Maria when she said to smile. He just bared his teeth in hope that would suffice. He wasn’t in a smiley mood. Lack of sleep and nightmares would do that to you.

When he saw the huge hippy van round the corner, he jumped up from the ground and grabbed his bag.
“Finally.” he breathed, slinging the bag over his shoulder. While Willem was still moving, Ryan grabbed the handle of the van and as the car went forward, the door slid open.

“Alright! Everyone in the potential rape van!” he called, holding the door for Annalie and Maria to climb in, helping both as they did so. Ryan was a gentlemen when he wanted to be, and in the presents of Maria, he couldn’t help it. Her kindness guilted him into doing so.

Ryan jumped in after the two ladies and say down, “About time there, Will. Thought you weren’t going to show.” He pulled the door shut and looked around, wondering just how many people he banged in the car. A few, he was sure.
“Alright stud, you know where to go?” he asked. He really didn’t want to get lost.

Ryan didn’t smile, not really, not enough for Maria to be content. She didn’t like that. There was something bothering him, a sort of dark cloud over his heart and Maria wanted nothing more than to make it go away. She thrived on people smiling, on people being content and Ryan being the complete opposite made her sad. But- she knew that the world wasn’t about her and that she couldn’t really fix… Everyone, no matter how hard she tried.

So she left it. She’d try again later- give Ryan a sort of hug in private- kiss his cheek, tell him he could tell her anything…

A friend of Annie’s is a friend of mine, she thought, smiling widely as Ryan opened the door for her and Annalie (she tried very hard to ignore his calling William’s van an r-word van,) making her best friend sit right by her side- “Oh, I’m going to have so much fun, so so so much fun,” she loved her best friend. She loved her so very much. Maria’s hands found Annalie’s and she gripped them tightly, beaming up at her friend and holding back the urge to thank her again and again for the new bathing suit- oh, she had such a generous best friend.

“Getting lost wouldn’t be good, no not at all- right Annie?” Her nose scrunched up as she leant over on her friend, “We should not get lost- at all. We’ll get there so late!” Her lips fell into a pout and she shook her head, “That won’t be good- I know where to go if there’s trouble,” she had lived her whole life in the same state, the same city, the same home- she knew how to get everywhere- if only they let her speak.

It’s just a van. It’s just a stupid fucking van. The mantra repeated itself over and over in Dave’s mind as he gripped the armrest tightly, the van jerking and rattling down the streets of New York City. His stomach heaved and churned and he prayed to any deity listening or not for him to please, please please please not throw up no matter just how badly he wanted it.  It was the first time he had been in the van willingly since the accident and as he had stood outside staring at it, Dave had seriously considered just hailing a fucking cab and following Will and his rapist vehicle out of the city. And he probably would have— had Neil not been there. 

It wasn’t that he was trying to impress Neil— Dave knew there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of that ever happening. It was simply the fact that now they found themselves in each other’s company more often— late night take out in the theatre lobby (because eating in the theatre was synonymous with sacrilege) and even later movies watched over at one of their places (normally ending with one or both of them passed out on the couch) and the occasional makeout session- Dave just didn’t want to hear about how he’d pussied out in riding in a freaking car. Besides, it wasn’t going to be too long of a drive to the beach. He’d live. 

Maria’s voice piped up and Dave turned slightly to watch her lean against the redhead- Neil’s friend, Annalie, got to remember that- and his mouth pulled up in his characteristic smirk, “Someone let the Keebler elf sit shotty— she seems to know where she is.” Blonde brows quirked up and he turned to Will, reaching forward to flick the back of his ear, “Don’t get us lost, asshat and listen to Maria.” He settled back, the seatbelt tightening back across his torso, hand moving back to the armrest, gripping it slightly. This was good— going out with people that for the most part were not the same crowd he ran with. New blood. New things. New was good right? His eyes sidled over to Neil and the corner of his mouth twitched up before he stifled it. Yes. Yes, new was a good place to start. 

They’d been hanging out more and more and more and more and Neil wasn’t exactly- not completely sure what they were. And how was he supposed to? It was all- the whole thing, really- an accident. A complete (pleasant) accident that really should’ve never (but he was glad it did,) happened. They’d hung out. They’d spent nights over one another’s places (innocently, completely so.) They’d been together nearly every day of every week of the- how many months had they been going out? If it could’ve even been called that. But- when the idea to go to the beach with Dave and Dave’s friends came up, he couldn’t have really said no, now could he? Absolutely not. That would’ve been rude. And Neil Patrick Carter was anything but rude.

Or… Something along those lines.

It wasn’t for Dave’s sake. No. It was for, well, for his own. Neil had to expand his circle of communication, and this was merely apt time to do such a thing. There were several people going. William- who he knew purely because of his skill with the cello and the story about… Jason. There was Annalie, his friend. Maria, a friend of hers who he vaguely knew, Ryan, another friend of hers, who he didn’t know at all. Six people. And they were meeting one more.

Neil was nervous. Not that- not that he really cared what Dave’s friends thought of—

Alright. So he did. For a bit, he did. Because he thought that he and Dave were boyfriends. Or they could’ve been. Annalie, Maria, and Ryan got into the car, the shortest one prattling on and on and on about directions, Neil about ready to snap her little head off- he stuck to looking out of the window.

The car pulled away and Maria continued, Annalie and Ryan doing their own thing, talking, shitting, Neil didn’t care— so long as it wasn’t bothersome. Dave, though. Dave was silent and Neil thought it bizarre, tearing his eyes away from the scenery that sped by, looking to Dave, finding out that the blond’s eyes were already on his own, “Hey,” he said, smirking easily and trying to look relaxed, “So- these are the people you hang out with.”

Annalie sighed a breath of relief when their ride finally got there, slumping her shoulders forward as she sauntered over. She lightly punched Ryan on the arm, trying and failing to hide her smile, well at least Ryan’s sense of humor hadn’t gone away. She did a mock-curtsy before entering the bus. She got on the bus and greeted who she assumed was one of Ryan’s friends- who looked about as miserable as Ryan did. Definitely a good sign. Hopefully the others would be half as cheerful as Maria.

She let Maria pulled her sitting next to her. “Of course you’ll have fun, after all I’ll be there. ” She smiled and raised an eyebrow, “Joke of course.”  She winked, getting herself- not cuddling, up closer to Maria. “If we get lost I’ll make sure to hijack this rickety-van and you’ll direct us to safety, kay?” She smiled again, because when Maria smiled, she smiled. That’s what friends did for each other. 

Annalie tried to be a good friend. She tried and she knew she failed, with Maria- well she’d do anything for Maria, just one call and Annalie would be there in an instant, for lovely incredible Maria. She was her best friend. With the others though, it was different, it was harder- with Neil, it was harder. Annalie tried to force Neil into having somewhat of social life- especially with her, but sometimes that didn’t happen, and sometimes it didn’t end well. And other times Annalie would easily get sick and tired of his shit.  She glanced over to him, noticing how he looked like he could attack Maria then and there. Annalie tilted her head, furrowed her brows and pouted at him until her turned to face the window. 

It’s the thought that counts, right?

Annalie made a mental note to not be a asshole to this Dave guy. This Dave-guy who so far didn’t seem so bad. 

Then there was Ryan. Someone new, someone hilarious as fuck and someone she’d forgotten to pay mind to because she was too busy entertaining middle aged men with her body. He figured it out- at least that’s what Annalie had hoped, but the vibes she was getting from him told her otherwise. 

At this point Annalie could only hope shit didn’t hit the fan during this trip. 

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Look alive, Sunshine @ Ella



Annalie sat on her bed brushing her hair, smirk planted firmly on her face, completely proud of herself. She hadn’t accomplished much to be perfectly honest, she told her sister of her plan- saying that she wasn’t up to it but leave it to Ella to make it happen anyway. She left the door of her dorm room open, making sure to tell Paige not to use the shower on the floor.

After a moment she heard a high pitched scream. Annalie rolled her eyes and shook her head, smirk unmoving and she flipped her hair onto her other shoulder for brushing. Removable shower heads made things all too easy, and the fact that she saw a few girls run across the hallway with kool-aid stained skin made her think that her floor was way too gullible. They were already in their sophomore year, her and Ella, you would think things like this would be expected.

“Ella dear,” She called out, pursing her lips, “you ready yet?” She stood up, making her way towards the mirror and making sure all looked well. After that minor achievement Annalie insisted they go to the mall- she hadn’t gone shopping in over a week and it had been much longer since she’d gone with her sister. 

Ella sat on her bed, staring at the pages of one of her boring textbooks, waiting to hear the screams coming from the bathroom on their floor. It was an all too easy trick, kool aid in the faucet heads, the usual high school locker room prank brought into the halls of NYU. Sure, they should have assumed something like that was coming, after all, it’d been all too quiet for the Campbell twins recently.

As of late, Ella had been feeling homesick. She missed her parents very much and her sister seemed to be off and happy to do things with friends. That wasn’t the same thing for Ella. Ella didn’t have friends, it was just her and books. Anna had friends, more friends than Ella had ever had in her entire life. Perhaps it was because Anna was much prettier and more outgoing, or Ella was too stubborn to reach out and make friends. Maybe it was a combination of both.

Ella turned her head to the side, calling to her sister as she heard the voice coming from the adjacent room. “I- yeah I’m ready,” Ella called as she slipped off of her bed and hopped into a pair of her favorite boots and left the room. “Alright Anna, let’s go,” she smiled, leading herself towards the door.

Annalie tapped her foot until Ella appeared, she smiled wide and nodded. “Onward,” she wrapped her arm around her sisters and started walking, pulling her along and  almost forgetting to lock their dorm room behind her.

"Let’s see now, where should we go first? Should we take the train or walk?" They hadn’t exactly decided on a location yet, which was completely fine with Annalie. Usually they’d end up walking or driving somewhere haphazardly and going from there. In New York if there were several stores, there would usually be a couple of food places and maybe even a theater nearby, so no matter where you ended up there was something to do. One of the many reasons why Annalie loved New York.

"Where do you want to go?"  Annalie didn’t have a place in mind, but if she did they would have probably spent a good ten minutes arguing over it, and Annalie wasn’t in the mood for that.

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But Neil, you already have.


Whoever made that is a fucking genius and they deserve an award.

Yes they do

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Could we- like- not.

But Neil, you already have.


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